Plastic People & Fake Masks

Plastic People & Fake Masks

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Did You Say Mianite? By Its_Lee_ Updated Apr 26, 2017

"Oh my god it's Captain Sparklez! Pose for me Mr. Sparklez! Let me get a selfie!" I was hoping he'd hear me over all the commotion of his fans screaming and shouting at him, but it was a slim chance I knew. These girls had the lungs of opera singers and every single one of them were louder than me. 

But he did. He heard me. Over all this noise and ear splitting screaming, he heard my voice and knew it was me. He turned in the direction I was in, his eyes lighting up in recognition when they saw me. He giggled and smiled, before holding up his sleeved hands and making a heart with them. I snapped the picture as quick as I could while the girls all around me began screaming even louder at his little gesture. I grinned because I knew that little heart was for me. Only for me, not for any of these other girls screaming his name and begging for his attention, only me.

He may be rich and famous, but he's not plastic and he doesn't wear a mask. To me he isn't a celebrity like he is to everyone else.

He's just Jordan. My Jordan. My love.
A/N this book is very mature bc there's lots of cursing, sexy references, and adult stuff (oops) so just a heads up before you start reading, this probably isn't pg rated :3 enjoy!

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Fangirs9348 Fangirs9348 Jul 07, 2017
I'm less surprised that he could find the kitchen and more surprised he could find the cups
Fangirs9348 Fangirs9348 Jul 07, 2017
Oh I don't know why but at first I thought that this was Jordan's POV.
                              So I was kind of confused why Jordan was at a bar and was kind of rude (not really rude, but that's not how Jordan would have handled the situation) and was drinking beer and I was like "my son?????"
randomdalek randomdalek Aug 08, 2016
I thought it said soap :(( 
                              *cries halfway through Melanie Martinez song*
StarlitShadows02 StarlitShadows02 Mar 25, 2016
Well I have to go too! *Runs to bathroom door and slams it shut* 
                              Mom: Why did you slam the door?!
                              Me: *Trying not to laugh and sound a little angry* Something made me mad!
                              Mom: What was it?
                              Me: A book!
                              Mom: Ok then?
VengefulVictory VengefulVictory Aug 09, 2016
HEEEEY!!! My dads an Asian technology nerd. But I'm not offended, the statement was funny. XD
Its_Pups Its_Pups Dec 29, 2016
I can feel the awkwardness from the other side of the screen