Seeking Our Love

Seeking Our Love

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Gabrielle By J_abbis Updated Jul 18, 2017

Three years ago Sasha Parker ran away from the one place she ever called home, ran away from the one person she ever loved. Her mate. Rejected, hurt, confused and pregnant, she left with a determination to start a new life with her child. She left with a determination to keep him safe from the rejection and hurt that she had faced from the one person who was supposed to love her back. She did exactly everything she had set out to do but now, three years later she must return to the town that always felt like home, return to the one she still loves, Brayden. Is there hope? Has he grown and changed into the man that can be trusted? Can he love her the way that she loves him? 

Three years ago Brayden screwed his life up by kicking what could have been his one good thing to the curb. He had always felt a pull to Sasha but he hated it. How could one girl have such a pull over him? Hurt, angry, and confused over his feeling for her and what he's heard about her he made it his goal to ruin anything between them, by turning that attraction into hate. Three years later he should feel triumphant at achieving his goal. But instead he finds himself feeling empty, lonely and so much regret and guilt. When Sasha turns back up he can't help but feel that same attraction and hope but that anger and pain and hurt still resides. Can he overcome that? 

This is Sasha's and Brayden's story. Their journey in finding that hope, mending broken bridges, building trust, truth coming to light and most importantly seeking their love.

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That’s what I’m talking about. No one ever writes a birth scene, they skip right to the child being at a certain age... BAM WHAT🤟🏼
malenctzen malenctzen Aug 24, 2016
Then for some reason Ashton Irwin with a child comes to my mind
Kc88Leigh Kc88Leigh Mar 24, 2016
I'm confused he said something like he is just finding out about warewolfs.
aegabe28 aegabe28 Jan 02, 2016
My heart aches for them!!! They are meant for each other and they just deny it because of the past!! The feels!
Killneplus Killneplus Dec 27, 2015
I feel so many emotions through my head reading this. I ship them harder than I shipped Preston
greciajs greciajs Oct 18, 2015
Wow that was some emotions I felt sad happy I got teary eye. This is interesting and I can't wait to see what happened between these two.