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Innocent 2 (Urban)

Innocent 2 (Urban)

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Introvert By justcallmesavage Updated Feb 04

"A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man's loyalty is tested, when he has everything." - Unknown

Some people can't wait forever, and temptation will always tempt a man. When new opportunities knock at your door, you take them and run right? But what happens when old skeletons return, just to claim what's rightfully theirs?

Love is never enough, you always want more. But when two souls aren't willing to give more, how far will it take them? Do you stay for love, or do you stay because you're comfortable and it's all you know?

Is it possible to walk away from all that you know? Even when you know you deserve better, and better is waiting on you? The light and happiness that you were searching for is right in front of you, but if you're not ready to step out on faith you'll never have it.

adore__nic adore__nic Aug 16, 2016
Ok so Eli is still alive in the book I finished ... should I start reading this or wait?
SimplySchy SimplySchy Feb 17
Ima smack tf outta him watch brae wake up she's going to be so hurt then he's going to be like was I suppose to wait for you forever he's gonna want her back then she gonna be like it's too late ugh my heart hurts a lil bit
laurenluvsbooks laurenluvsbooks Nov 10, 2016
I'm so happy you decided to put it back you truly are courageous and committed to your writing