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The lads laughed about the shabby apartments I had decided to move to after uni. I quite liked the building myself. It was nice and quiet, there weren't too many occupants. 

There was an old lady down the hall, a couple living on the floor beneath me, and a lad next door that people only had the nicest things to say about. 

I have yet to meet this lad, but when I do, I'm hoping he lives up to everyone's descriptions.

HelenaUytterhaegen HelenaUytterhaegen Dec 13, 2016
Nop this is not me. I don't care if a person doesnt hug me. They know not to touch me
Whatsupiamphoebe Whatsupiamphoebe 6 days ago
If someone is constantly smiling they are definitely serial killers
SmashMyAsh SmashMyAsh Oct 30, 2016
You're = you are
                              Your is possessive, ex. Your  fanfic, your OTP