The Problems With Loving Conner Evans

The Problems With Loving Conner Evans

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Jacob Daniels is a Jock. A smart, good-looking jock at that. He has bullied Conner Evans' since 7th grade. The guy who he is in love with.

Conner Evans is a boy who is a part of triplets.  Wears a hearing aid and glasses. Only two best friends. Who are his only friends at that. His life is hard because he has a Dad who killed his Mom and is now after them. So when the schools most popular boy starts showing interest in him for more than just bulling you can imagine his shock. People just see him as a loser. So they don't realize how dangerous his life auccually is. And tries to warn Jacob. 

But Jacob isn't leaving this is the boy that he loves. But as more true starts coming out it's only then Jacob starts seeing the problems with loving Conner Evans.

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I'm not gay..But I watch and read gay😂😂so I don't know what that is❤
FactsUniverse FactsUniverse Jan 30, 2016
Ok is it wrong to not be gay but LOVE how they get along? Feel free to answer!!
Yourmum99 Yourmum99 Jan 29, 2016
Where did you get the pic of the guy on the icon thingy? I'm writing a story and I think he'll be great to model one of my characters after, but I can't see it very clearly.
crownOFtears crownOFtears Feb 28, 2016
I wish i could meet u in person. Because judging by ur attitude in writing, ur profile name, and the story u wrote, i already like u as a person.
alielanhaymad alielanhaymad Mar 21, 2016
That's it, show some love!😄😍😘😄😍😘😄😍😘😄😍😘😄😍😘😄😍😘
emily369stone emily369stone Jan 11, 2016
This is random and I haven't read the whole part but the brunette in the pic looks like Hayes Grier... am I cray cray?