Unfabulously Pretty

Unfabulously Pretty

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"It is what's on the inside that counts."

Taylor Ashville was always living an invisible life. Why? Probably because she isn't one of those gorgeous cheerleaders with an hourglass body, no, in fact, she is the opposite. Despite all that, give Zoey, Taylor's best friend, twenty-four hours and people will be amazed at how much a makeover can transform a dorky nerd to a pretty face.

When Taylor finds herself stunningly beautiful, she is yet to realize how much she enjoys the attention. Little does she know, being outwardly attractive can bring complications and a lot of unpleasant drama.

Are looks really everything? Well, for Taylor, the answer isn't obvious, until when she finds a guy who will help her realize the true meaning of beauty.

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_rume3za _rume3za May 10
I really love this! I find it really beautiful that you working your way up. ☺ I do hope in the future all your work gets published and you successful! ♥
hipsterstuff799 hipsterstuff799 Aug 11, 2016
Dickheads! You have a problem with her, huh? Take it out on someone else, or try punching yourself. It I'll hurt more. Dickhead
RXY1ND RXY1ND Jul 30, 2016
What? Okay, some people need to chill and not take their problems out on kids XD
starrywoo starrywoo Feb 21, 2015
Dude there was no need to call her or treat her like that.. Idgaf If you're having a bad day, She didn't do sh!t to you
imperfectdreamer imperfectdreamer Jul 23, 2012
@crazy4cupcakes thank you! :D yeah, I appreciate your fan and vote! :D and of course your comment and reads! xD thanks!
beautiful_monster_ beautiful_monster_ Jul 23, 2012
I like it. i fanned and voted. keep writing ah-mazing stories.