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So this is my first fanfic about *cough* tratie *cough*. And I hope Demeter doesn't turn me into an shrub or a corn plant. I don't own any characters except for some people you never recognized. Rick Riordan (obviously) owns them so... Put on your seatbelts on guys were going on a trip.

Katie's POV

"what the-TRAVIS STOLL!" I screamed waking up my cabin mates who had scribbles on their face. He just dyed my hair PINK!, why does it always have to be ME and my cabin. I went to outside with my pillow and stormed in Hermes cabin and threw the pillow on Travis face. 

"Good morning kit-kat" he said 

"don't you 'good morning' me . I know what you did. And plus kit-kat is not my NAME my name is Katie! Katie only" I yelled at him. "you do this one more time and i-"

"Or what? Wrap me in vines and choke the life out if me?" He said flicking his hair he stood up and he was about an inch from my face "I know you wouldn't"

"what? Oh my go- you know what you're IMPOSSIBLE!" I said.

he's so infu...

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Daughterofdasun Daughterofdasun Sep 29, 2017
no offense, but this sounds like all the tratie fanfics i read mushed into one story...
Daughterofdasun Daughterofdasun Sep 29, 2017
i hate aphrodite
                              and makeup is not meant to go on your face,  its made for you to smear in on your enemies back, idiots -_-
evershipper evershipper Aug 18, 2017
Well duh, you expect her to come in Victoria's Secret or something?
Daughterofdasun Daughterofdasun Sep 29, 2017
She just hated you this morning and now she's blushing?!?!?! The change is happening fast
KandyReads KandyReads Jan 31
No but broken nails hurt. And makeup is hard to get off. Sure, it's petty, but I sorta understand their "struggle"
KandyReads KandyReads Aug 19, 2017
Uhhhh, wrong cabin... Annadeath *cough* I mean, Annabeth, can and WILL kill you, girl