The Enemy of Time (Book 2 - The Kaireyeh Chronicles)

The Enemy of Time (Book 2 - The Kaireyeh Chronicles)

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Embrace your inner enemy.

Damon Kynaston is no longer a slave - he's the son of the last Emperor of Caelia. His world is destroyed, and the people he trusted most have lied to him. Now, as he manifests strange abilities and thoughts that aren't his own, he's starting to doubt his sanity. 

Talina Zivali bent her whole life toward her career as an Armada engineer, and all of it was dashed when she sided against her mother, who has taken control of the government. Now she flees among strangers in the Resistance, who only weeks before she would have called her enemies.  

The balance of power has shifted among the worlds. Unknown forces work behind the scenes, and ancient enemies are returning. Is Damon's madness to be feared, or the only hope the human race has left?  


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This book is a direct sequel to THE EMPEROR OF TIME. Major spoilers are ahead if you have not read the first book, which is posted in full on my profile.

This is a beta version. I love comments and feedback, I'd love to hear what you think! Happy reading! :)

JulesMallet7 JulesMallet7 Mar 04, 2016
what an interesting beggining, i like sci fi so much and your work seems to be good. This one seems to be in line with the previous one so, very good job
daydogwalker daydogwalker Nov 09, 2015
Spoilers AND suspense.  Nice recap of the last chapters  ... Let's hope they didn't get ripped off on the Orium