☆ Living Death ☆ (Raura)

☆ Living Death ☆ (Raura)

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• Book 1 of The 'Living' Series •


Maybe lost boy's addiction to the worst can be overcome with the help of gentle touch to his soul by a special girl. 

Although there are many secrets hidden behind those hazel eyes of his and a broken spirit, she keeps on revealing the deepest, most lovable side of his. 

Maybe pair of chocolate brown eyes, glossy from tears for him, is enough to break him out of just existing and help him finally become alive. 


Attention: Descriptive sex scenes. I won't be putting legal age for reading my books because who am I to tell if you're mature enough? Just make sure to know this before you read. Enjoy the dirty stuff now 


Who else thought of Zay from gmw in girl meets the secret of life saying, "He thinks it's math class somebody stop him!"
marexd3 marexd3 Feb 14
It actually does sound like Girl meets world. I love that show but A&A will always be my number 1 show in world 😊
I have never experienced missing the toilet and hurting my butt. I guess my butt memorizes the toilet seat 😀
Allynchr5 Allynchr5 Jul 09
Hey it kinda is like the world🤔🤔I mean there is a copy of the Eiffel Tower soooo....
_txnvin _txnvin Feb 09
Well, cut the man some slack. He's very happy that his little girl graduated college. If be very happy either way. It's not a bad thing...
Well...um that was deep...and quite wonderful (but now I sound like a teacher. I know what to do 😉bam )