Everything is Gray (Brallon)

Everything is Gray (Brallon)

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Katy By 20_dollar_nosebleed Updated Oct 17

Brendon lives in a world that literally depends on love to bring color to one's life. If you don't find your soulmate, you're stuck with sight that depressingly lacks color. Brendon fears that his boyfriend, whom he adores very much, might not be the one. If his boyfriend doesn't bring color to his world, who will?


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I really am a dedicated Brallon shipper but I don't want to break Ryan's heart I'm so conflicted
I think the way you've done this is awesome but I have to say that I always pictured the smell of rain as a dark slate grey, rather than brown. Still a cool description though
ugh is dallon gonna be there
                              is it gonna be love at first sight
is brendon not going to love ryan back and he's not going to see colors that's so heartbreaking
dianarellano dianarellano 5 days ago
If I'm completely honest I thought the name of the book was "everything is gay"
dianarellano dianarellano 5 days ago
wait so if they don't see color how do they know if their clothes match? or if their furniture match?