The Slave

The Slave

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Blood Red Rose By 0BloodRedRose0 Updated Jan 18

Gray is the prince of a small desert city called Fairy Tail. The young prince's life isn't easy and it gets even more complicated when his father captures Dragon Tribe's leader and turns him into Gray's slave! Gratsu

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Imma say this calmly, but all fairy tail soldiers that raided the Dragon Tribe that night please report to me because I'm gonna punch your teeth so far down into you that you'll have to shove a tooth brush up your ass to brush them.
I LOVE THE PIANO!!! People that play the piano are better too just cuz they play the piano omg I can't. Piano players (*cough Brendon Urie) are so hot!!!
Dude I've been having a hard time with my planets too. Glad it's not just me
Shelby_Binz Shelby_Binz May 29, 2016
This is bringing me back to that one episode where Natsu asked gramps this ahhh! The feels
Caticorn25 Caticorn25 Jan 31
I wonder how long that engagement will last. Knowing gray's hormones, probably 6-9 chart I think