The Cold-hearted was Rejected

The Cold-hearted was Rejected

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wolf_girl♥Your_LUna♛ By hannahtess Updated Aug 27, 2016

Athena Harington is not your ordinary teenage werewolf girl. She has a heart but there is no warmth inside it. All she feel is loneliness but she didnt also need friends to pity her. She always thought that having friends is too girly for her and it makes her sound like a weak mutt. Yeah, that's what they call her, a mutt. The pack members didnt bullied or abused her, but they just simply ignore her. Her family died when she was little leaving her broken and she also didnt have a sibling to take care and be with her. She has a past. A very horrible past which turns her into a cold-hearted girl.

And if you're wondering about her having a MATE, well she didnt thought about having one. But what happens when Drake Rover suddenly entered in her life and simply broke her heart which is famous for the word called REJECT...

Read more to find out about the story of Athena Harington and Drake Rover.

All I literally said was mmkay.., but now im like hell yassss