Bella sister(jasper)

Bella sister(jasper)

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Hello there, I'm Jennifer but people call me Jenny. I have a twin sister named Bella. Bella and I are decided to move back to Forks where our father, Charlie, lives. Our parents divorced and our mom got the custody of us but we would go every summer to Forks. For now we live in Phoenix with mom and her new husband Phil. Phil travels a lot and we both know that it made mom upset to have to stay with us, so that's why Bella and I decided to go live with our Father for some time. In Forks I met the guy who turned my life around.

I do Not own Twilight. All credit goes to Stephanie Meyer. Enjoy the book.


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HufflepuffForLife424 HufflepuffForLife424 Aug 09, 2017
That girl is crazy! It's sunny and hot and you are wearing black and long robes!???
SylverStone SylverStone Apr 18, 2017
I hate talking to others over the phone, Skype is okay,but only with the extra camera...
valerienikolic valerienikolic Mar 12, 2016
Between "●morning●" and "'this' I ask" all yoir sentences start with "I" And the first page is only 2 paragraphs. But I'm not trying to sound rude at all, I really like this book so far♥♡♥
MissBiancaSmith MissBiancaSmith Jan 28, 2017
Hey just to let you know things got cut off here. But so far I'm liking it.
-The-Cat- -The-Cat- Sep 04, 2016
Since I'm stuck in a Central Texas summer my first thought was 
                              WOW That's cold! 
                              I genuinely felt that it should be snowing
Sweetiepie_ Sweetiepie_ Apr 07, 2016
Space it the conversation. Make it multiple paragraphs and stead of one big super paragraph. It's makes it very hard for the reader to understand what is going.