His master, the one and only

His master, the one and only

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Amanda B. By pamandab Completed

Ciel Phantomhive is feeling disgusted with himself. How could he fall in love, and with his butler out of all people? He is terrified by the mere thought of the raven-haired man finding out. What he does not know is that said man is experiencing some very uncharacteristic feelings himself.

This is a SebaCiel fic, and it does not contain a lot of smut, its main focus is on the rather messed up relationship between the two of them.

(The cover-photo was made by Yana Toboso, and so were all the characters in this story- all the credit goes to that amazing lady!)

  • angst
  • black
  • boyxboy
  • butler
  • ciel
  • comfort
  • dream
  • hurt
  • kuroshitsuji
  • love
  • phantomhive
  • sad
  • sebastian
  • shota
  • slash
  • yaoi
I guess I'm not a cool kid, 'cause I don't have tumblr. Heck, I don't even have a phone XD
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1-800-LOVEYOU 1-800-LOVEYOU Apr 07, 2016
My dad's name is Clarance so I'm like staring and punching a picture that had Sebastains face on it: WHY SEBBY!?!WHYYYYY?!? Key word, HAD! I BURN HIS FACE XDDD
Ginger_Jesus101 Ginger_Jesus101 Mar 13, 2016
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                              CUZ ALL THE COOL KODS THEY SEEM TO FIT IN!
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catwoman1001 catwoman1001 Jan 01, 2016
I feel so stupid I've been a huge fan of black butler for a very long time and I always just called it the "Person of the damned mark." Or the "Contract seal." I never knew it was called that up until a week ago