Pain in the Stars (Dipper Pines x Reader)

Pain in the Stars (Dipper Pines x Reader)

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Sh¿tty Writer By someone-cool Updated Dec 28, 2017

You go to an small town called Gravity Falls, to attend Camp Cipher. It was an way to get out of California and away from your annoying brothers. 

There you meet creatures that you only thought would exist in books. Going on adventures that you only hear stories about. Visiting places that aren't on any maps in existence, all in the dead of night as the campers sleep. 

All in one summer. In the same summer you fall hard for an guy named Dipper. Befriending many people and monsters on the way.

Join the adventure of an amazing summer with The Pines. Learning things you never thought about learning. Remember not everything meets the eye here......

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-BeMoreChxll -BeMoreChxll Apr 02, 2017
It' gravity falls.. peaceful and gravity falls just don't belong together in a sentence. That' wrong. That is so not right
shellycipher shellycipher Jun 27, 2017
Me to my friends  (I have no siblings other than my sister who's way older than me and barely cares)
_S_u_i_c_i_d_e_ _S_u_i_c_i_d_e_ Oct 11, 2016
Better off dead. My favorite song.... Thought you should know
KittyKatBella KittyKatBella Aug 29, 2016
Hmm mm sure...
                              I know I'm a wizard. Don't tell me my parents died in a car crash.
LittleMessyBlonde LittleMessyBlonde Aug 17, 2016
Dude!!!! That's my name too! XD I'm soooooo sorry good job btw
NariWhalien NariWhalien Aug 19, 2016
You said to turn on my favorite song *turns on music player and agusTD plays* *whispers* infires