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Annika By anneequah Updated Jan 08, 2017

Note » This book is currently undergoing editing and there will be no new updates for the time being 

This is my book of Newt Imagines :) 

Disclaimer: any character or seriously anything related to TMR is not mine. It belongs to the amazingly brilliant James Dashner.

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jacobscartoon jacobscartoon Oct 15, 2017
If he asked me for help I’d be like “you might wanna ask someone else because I can assure you my answer is wrongs
Albys_Left_Toe Albys_Left_Toe Aug 26, 2017
Omgomgomgomg I had a boy in my school and he looks not even joking hands down, like Minho! I'm crushing on him so hard, and today, he winked at me during P.E.,
                              LORDY HELP MEEEE!!!!
Wilhelmina_Korte Wilhelmina_Korte May 25, 2016
Then, Minho ruined the moment by yelling, at the top of his lungs,  "Come on, shanks, we got a schedule to keep! You can make out later!"
IcyWinterz IcyWinterz Jul 20, 2016
Yeah, make out while terrifying zombie like creatures surround you, and lead you to your inevitable death. Isn't that absolutely fantastic
- - Sep 07, 2016
But I will need. One mouth plus one mouth is equal to one make out session? Am I wrong? It is 2? Or this is an infinitive number?
moondancer2000 moondancer2000 Sep 04, 2016
Omg I am smiling like an idiot because mt boyfriend is looking at me like that right now ♥♥