Hetalia: The Risky Bet ( Denmark X Reader )

Hetalia: The Risky Bet ( Denmark X Reader )

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Aichi Dreyar By soulstiller123 Completed

To my beloved friend @dennythedenmark 


This is a thank you gift to her, for writing me that AWESOME England X Reader fanfiction! She asked (demanded) me to write this story for her. And I accepted! 


I also take requests from other readers! 

Thank you and love you! 

Hetalia doesn't belong to me.
You don't belong to me.
pictures don't belong to me.
And no matter how much I wish, Denmark also doesn't belong to me.
Everything belongs to its original owner. 

story was written by me of course!


I know what the plot twist is, ladies and gentlemen, bananas and apples, chairs and stools, etc, etc!
                              ✨✨True love✨✨
ngl that's better than some of the crap projects my other teachers assign
I am glad to have that Lego loving stupid Dane as a partner.
Huh.ya know Cuba x Romano was not something I thought I'd ever imagined,now I'm imagining it.
Doushbag Doushbag Aug 02
Well at least it's better than learning about puberty like i have to in health at the moment
Ok but why would he be in Northern Ireland what did he do to deserve moving here