After Midnight

After Midnight

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Jenna By jenalee28 Completed

A con-artist witch joins forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom.

When the clock strikes twelve, you die.
Tessa Daniels has enough problems without getting wrapped up in a murder. Her mother's magic shop is about to go under and the local gang wants their money. Desperate to make the payment, she jumps at the chance to help Ella, a young woman in need of a carriage, a dress, and a pair of slippers. But, when Ella is murdered at the Prince's Ball, the detective in charge of the case thinks Tessa is hiding something.
She is. Thanks to a magical gold ring, Tessa can see Ella's ghost, and the only way to end the midnight hauntings is to solve Ella's murder. With a killer on the loose and a dangerous gang on her heels, Tessa will have to join forces with the detective. But, long-held secrets are about to surface, and the killer may be closer than anyone could have imagined.
A dark, twisted fairytale filled with murder, mystery, and romance.

Series Order:
Book One: After Midnight
Book Two: After the Woods
Book Three: After Spellbound 
Book Four: After the Beast

 GENRES: Fantasy // Mystery // Romance

  • action
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  • death
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  • historical
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  • mystery
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  • revenge
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imansabee__ imansabee__ Dec 20, 2017
I think this is a great book and i am anticipating more of your awesome works🙏💙
I'll imagine these two as main characters....they look good
                              Girl with brown eyes nd boy with black eyes😍😍
Jacklyn Jacklyn Mar 16
These covers are amazing!! Do you do them @jenalee28? They look so professional and I love that they match!
AelinElentya AelinElentya Nov 27, 2017
When you miss up your gold and iron and you get both a crown and a gun 👑🔫
OK, so I got up to chapter fourteen to see if I'd like the book, and then turned around so in love with it I felt guilty if I started commenting at chapter fourteen and didn't go back and like every chapter. So here I am again, and I will probably be spamming a good amount
mostnights mostnights Jan 10
i’m not actually reading this book but i just wanted to pop in because the title is also a blink 182 song bye