After Midnight

After Midnight

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Jenna Cole By jenalee28 Completed

When the clock strikes twelve, you die.
  Tessa Daniels has enough problems without getting wrapped up in a murder. Her mother's magic shop is about to go under and the local gang wants their money. Desperate to make the payment, she jumps at the chance to help Ella, a young woman in need of a carriage, a dress, and a pair of slippers. But, when Ella is murdered at the Prince's Ball, the detective in charge of the case thinks Tessa is hiding something.
  She is. Thanks to a magical gold ring, Tessa can see Ella's ghost, and the only way to end the midnight hauntings is to solve Ella's murder. With a killer on the loose and a dangerous gang on her heels, Tessa will have to join forces with the detective. But, long held secrets are about to surface, and the killer may be closer than anyone could have imagined.
A dark, twisted fairytale filled with murder, mystery, and romance.

Series Order:
Book One: After Midnight
Book Two: After The Woods

 GENRES: Fantasy // Mystery // Romance

This was amazing! OMG....I wish I could read this all tonight but I can hardly keep my eyes open lol! But seriously this is really good and I'm already itching to continue! You're such a talented writer! Thank you!
I found this book in the 'Wattys shortlist'  congratulations!!🎉👏  I am so ready to read!!
😱 I am so exited about this book!!! I love a good mystery and this here just caused my heart to skip a beat!!! And the best thing about it was.... This was only a prologue😍❤️the description and everything had me right there with her!!!
KDCampbell KDCampbell Apr 06
Omg I love, love, love this premise! Your writing is also beautiful and descriptive. Great job! I can't wait to see how this unfolds I am so intrigued!
killer_in_heels killer_in_heels 7 days ago
Love these descriptions. The way you refer to the Cinderella tale is mesmerizing
how about 'skinny love' by birdy? or 'how to save a life' by the fray?