The Daddy Project

The Daddy Project

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After their Last Project was a success, The Gay Project had spent years planning on another big project. 

     This time, how about we make a couple of daddies? 

     Society said Gays or Lesbians can't be good parents. That every kid must have a Mummy figure and a Daddy figure. Well, The Gay Project Organization is here to prove to you that Gays as well as Lesbians can be just as good as a straight parents. Or even better?

     Four men are brought to a small town when they wake up to realize they don't know the lives they are living. Everyone seem to know them as if they have been there all their lives, but that's just the tip if the ice. What happens when they find out they've been coupled up and worse, they have two kids together? 

Gay and Daddies? 

Pfft. Well, that's The Gay Project for you. 

[May contain Strong Language, Violence and Mature Content. Viewers discretion is advised.]

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wawn360 wawn360 Sep 07, 2017
Uuuum... his late wife's name is Mary and his last name is Holmes..... getting some Sherlock vibes here???
vangirl03 vangirl03 Jan 04
I've been on Wattpad too long. The word "Daddy" no longer is innocent, it is kinky (not that I mind :3)
nglrocks nglrocks Jul 10, 2017
Uuugh I read it with Filipino accent I cant imagine the russian
-sunfallen- -sunfallen- May 12, 2017
I didn't care about his wife but then I saw yet to be born baby I said "my poor baby"
wawn360 wawn360 Sep 07, 2017
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                              Dun duh duh dun duh duh dun dun dun 🥁
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Apr 30, 2017
Imagine an artist, while holding a paintbrush, doing that and saying with an accent: "YOUR EYES! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I SHALL PAINT THEM."