Partners in Misfortune

Partners in Misfortune

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Maddish H. By Maddish Updated Nov 02

Penelope Thimble is a woman of taste. Taste for defiance, that is. What a bore it is to live as a proper lady, when everything that is improper is everything of interest to her? 
Wallace Anderson is a writer of mystery, with a peculiar second job. His interests in women are little and interests in matrimony are less. After all, what could he gain from the companionship of such an emotional and irrational creature? 

 Neither of them want to be chained down with marriage, but it seems that their parents are thinking differently. With each family trying to strike it rich, and dare I say hood wink the other, they go through any means to force the two to wed.

How shall these two ever manage, when all they can seem to do is hate each other? 

Things get complicated when Penelope starts sticking her nose in Wallace's second job. Now with wild goose chases, rumours of treasure, and even murder, this is no time to be squabbling! Still, they can't seem to last a day without wanting to kill each other, and why can't they just agree on the same brew of tea?

Ahahahaha! XD That last scene was hilarious. I'm glad I stumbled across your story. This chapter sparkles with charming manners and the kind of wit that makes historical fiction so wonderful.
Oh wow, Penelope really doesn't wanna get married! Well, who'd want to marry a stranger?! I really like this so far! So witty and the characters are so funny! ^_^ I'll keep reading!
Oh this is fun!!! I love young mister Andersons snappy personality. 😂😂😂
azkaban- azkaban- Nov 02
I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS 😂😂💌❣💟💞💝💜💛💚💚💙💗💖💕💓❤
The dialogue is so immersive, everything pulls together so nicely to really draw you into the world! :)
ColorfulRandomness ColorfulRandomness Nov 08, 2015
I must say, you have a knack for dialogue. The words you used matched with the situation in such a nice way.