That's what happened with Us ✔ [Desire Trilogy #1]

That's what happened with Us ✔ [Desire Trilogy #1]

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***Book One of Desires Trilogy ***

Warning : Mature Content Ahead. Read at your own risk.

"Is that so sweetheart?" Randhir asked his lips brushing against my earlobe. He was such a tease I mean I was already pooled up with desire such that his one instinct and I would burst out. I shivered at his touch and felt like the chills running down by my spine with his light touches.My senses were not able react and my mind was also numb. My heart was beating fast such that it had run a marathon.  

"Good" was all I heard coming out of his mouth that was near my earlobe. He freed my arms that were in his clutch and stood in front of me. His hands were either side of my face cupping my face making me look into his eyes. His eyes were same as Chris, like he held some affection but the only difference was Chris had hazel brown eyes while his were black emerald eyes. His eyes were trying to tell something but his lips came crashing down...

Isha24_SR Isha24_SR Jul 14
This is so amazing.. Why don't you publish these books of yours?? I would love to read them.. 
                              I am loving reading them like this too.. 
                              Btw, update next one soonish