Lucky Girl [ a Fairy Tail Natsu x Lucy (NALU) fanfiction ]

Lucky Girl [ a Fairy Tail Natsu x Lucy (NALU) fanfiction ]

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jasmine ✿ By BlazingScarlet Updated Jul 02, 2016

Lucy has always adored Lucky Girl, the female superhero of her favorite comic book series. 

One night, Lucy makes a wish on a whim. 

She wishes to be Lucky Girl, the superhero. 

When she wakes up the next morning, she didn't expect to find herself in the body of Lucky Girl. She also didn't expect to find herself lying naked right next to a very naked, very attractive, Flame Boy. 

Since when did Lucky Girl and Flame Boy hook up? 

And when on earth did Flame Boy get so hot? 

Wait a minute, and why does she find Flame Boy's pink hair attractive when she just found it atrocious a day ago?

- - - - - - - - -

[ rated M for nudity, and possible smut ]

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I'm sorry. I'm only here to serve you, not here to take fashion advice from a Barbie wannabe bimbo.
Glitter_Twinkle Glitter_Twinkle Nov 14, 2017
Yes , but in my case I'm a goddess! Named natural and I won't go into further details cause my imagination will go wild after this!!! Hehe!
- - Jul 26, 2016
sophiamarguerite sophiamarguerite May 23, 2016
Haha the girl's order sounds like Chanel Oberlin's order in Scream Queens. Love that show btw
-artaestic -artaestic Aug 25, 2016
Stoop Lucy you're beautiful the way you aree
                              I wish I had your hair instead of this mop.. I can't take care of it lol
Jaylin_Of_FairyTail Jaylin_Of_FairyTail Feb 13, 2017
WTF... This is such a bitchy picky girl oh my god. No wonder why I can only think of cunts as her boyfriend