Vanoss Crew x Reader

Vanoss Crew x Reader

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Rabbi By Aprestaege Updated Oct 08

Vanoss crew one-shots. [SLOW UPDATES]

You two loved each other, the only thing that keeps you away is the wall, or should I say screen. In this world, you were unfortunate yet fortunate enough to have found love. Only your lover doesn't exist in the real world. He is and forever will be trapped behind a screen.
"Hey." My ears caught his voice. Looking down at my hand, I saw him. He has been there the entire time. Within your phone, trapped behind the screen. "Why the sad face?" I shrugged my shoulders and look off into the distance. "Hey... stop looking at the view and pay attention to me."

There was that tone in his voice that begged for attention, so I turned back towards him. He smiled softly as he gazed into my eyes. "Have I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?" I nodded, I recalled hearing him saying those words multiple times a day. "Well, they truly are beautiful, just like you."

I could feel my cheeks burning at his compliments. "You know, you're making it harder and harder to resist you when you're being so cute." His hands were covering his face but he removed them as smiled up at me. "Unfortunately I can't hug or kiss you right now, I can't ever do that. But at least I can tell you that I love you everyday."

If you would like to request anything, leave a message and I'll get to it.
There may be some mistakes such as misspelling or unnecessary words. If you want me to continue something then just tell me, I'll try to do a continuation of it.

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CaiOtakuloid CaiOtakuloid Apr 27, 2017
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I also do that as well, when I get nervous so I pull up my  sleeves up.
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HOW DID YOU KNOW I LOVED MCDONALDS FAM Starbucks is okay (only cuz I had it once okay dont go all tumbler and have them come for me plz)
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If you chill on Netflix than
                              You would have to lay on top of the tv
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Literally me if I ever play with them (most likely not) 😂