Vanoss Crew x Reader

Vanoss Crew x Reader

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Vanoss crew one-shots. [Slow updates]

"I...I love you." He looks at me in surprise and gave me a smile. He took my hands in his own and told me, "I love you too." And we lived happily ever after, yeah right. After that, I immediately woke up to find out it was only a dream. I sighed to myself, "If only dreams can come true."

"And what was that dream about? Maybe I can make it come true." Startled, I looked to my left and saw the man from my dream. "Y-You're real?!" He chuckles and pulled me down on top of him, "Of course." I blushed heavily from the sight of him. " wasn't a dream? You're really here?" He cups my cheek in his hand, "I'm only here for you and always will be." Then, he kissed me.

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_Spirit_Wolf_ _Spirit_Wolf_ Sep 11, 2016
Literally me if I ever play with them (most likely not) 😂