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My New Neighbour (NamJin)

My New Neighbour (NamJin)

80.8K Reads 6.6K Votes 23 Part Story
Taelysis By Taelysis Completed

Things for Jin aren't so great. He has crappy parents and no friends. He is insecure and he hides himself; he has his dad to blame for that. 

He has never felt loved or even cared for. His mother tries her best but she isn't really help. Jin sometimes thinks if he should just give up

Until someone moves in next door...

jinkishi jinkishi Feb 05
ㄱ ㅣ ㅁ ← That's how I imagine the letters look like lmao.
PoolPieces PoolPieces Feb 09
Your story is so interesting. Can I take it to my own wattpad and translate into my national language???? I promise to put the link on my post. Thanks so much, and sorry about my bad EL
Honey, Sweety, I think you need stronger prescription glasses.
Y'know, if anyone ever hit a BTS member I think ARMYS would really kick in as an Army. Like no lie, snipers and assassins, and grenade launchers would probably be surrounding the aggressor.
🎶You are  beautiful no matter what they say
                              Words can't bring you down
                              You are beautiful in every single way
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