My Nerdy Mate ( HIATUS)

My Nerdy Mate ( HIATUS)

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Wonderland By Animeislife_24 Updated Dec 29, 2017

Let's just say Hayden is not the most out going guy you might meet. He's shy,nerdy,and so awkward that it's not even funny. And to add to his list of "flaws" ( his words not mine) he just so happens to be the omega of the Blue Moon Pack.

 James is the next Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. He's tall,handsome,and a major jerk also he's a player. So let's just say that most of the girls in the school have been with the Quarterback. Oh yeah he's also the school's quarterback. What a surprise.

What happens when the rude, insensitive alpha realizes that the nerdy, awkward omega just so happens to be his mate?

 This is boyxboy. You don't like it don't read it. If you have writing tips for me that's great, but I will not allow hateful messages on this story.

A/N: This book is on hold until my personal life and its problems can fix themselves. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Oreorox1000 Oreorox1000 May 11, 2017
I didn't want to know that,  just leave me in the dark that way I'm happy, and let me make up what they did so I can just say that they didn't do anything
Oreorox1000 Oreorox1000 May 11, 2017
Every story I read it's always the blue moon pack or something to do with either blue or something about moons
animeoversociallife animeoversociallife Aug 09, 2017
My science teacher from 6th grade had that shirt my best friend was terrified of him
BookQueen6 BookQueen6 May 21, 2017
Stuck up jerkface... your ego is almost the distance from the earth to the Sun. Be careful not to burn it... Or just burn it
Oreorox1000 Oreorox1000 May 11, 2017
It's my favorite subject but my favorite thing to learn about is the human body, except there's a boy who gags every time I start talking about organs in the middle of lunch time  hmmmm I wonder y?   :D
*Throws some rainbowed color emoji pillows and gummies along with more gummies*