Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar

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如月 愛為 By Aina_Akabane Updated Sep 17

What happens when the person you cherish so much leaves you in the darkness? You're falling down, no one to catch you down there and no one to hold your hand to prevent you from falling down the endless dark pit. You're sinking in quick sand, drowning in the darkest place in the sea. And that's what happened to Kuroko Tetsuya.

He loved each and every one of the Generation of Miracles, and yet they treated him like garbage- playing him for their own sick amusement. After realising that he wasn't meant to be by their side anymore, he broke. He turned, walked away;

And committed suicide.

The Generation of Miracles knew they were wrong. Heck, they wanted to rewind time and slap their past selves for being so inconsiderate for their beloved phantom's feelings. But no one can rewind time, no matter how many times you beg; the clock won't tick backwards.

Five years later, their former manager drags all of them to a boy band concert. As the concert starts, they all see their precious former teammate on stage, singing. Kuroko Tetsuya was still alive, but what happens when he doesn't remember any of them?

*loads gun" okay Aomine, you get two choices. You want me to kill you now or later?
Author-san, do you ship Leo and Ravi? I ship them~! Actually I ship everyone with Leo. Yup, he's my bias~!^^♥♥♥♥♥
velvetrose773 velvetrose773 Dec 06, 2015
Let me at that Aho-mine for FIVE SECONDS and he will already be lacerated at the seams