Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar

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如月 愛那 By Aina_Akabane Updated Oct 19, 2017


What happens when the person you cherish so much leaves you in the darkness? You're falling down, no one to catch you down there and no one to hold your hand to prevent you from falling down the endless dark pit. You're sinking in quick sand, drowning in the darkest place in the sea. And that's what happened to Kuroko Tetsuya.

He loved each and every one of the Generation of Miracles, and yet they treated him like garbage- playing him for their own sick amusement. After realising that he wasn't meant to be by their side anymore, he broke. He turned, walked away;

And committed suicide.

The Generation of Miracles knew they were wrong. Heck, they wanted to rewind time and slap their past selves for being so inconsiderate for their beloved phantom's feelings. But no one can rewind time, no matter how many times you beg; the clock won't tick backwards.

Five years later, their former manager drags all of them to a boy band concert. As the concert starts, they all see their precious former teammate on stage, singing. Kuroko Tetsuya was still alive, but what happens when he doesn't remember any of them?

[ Graphic credits to @dantalion (Arisa T.R.) ]

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Shiroshicchi Shiroshicchi Sep 07, 2017
J_Ciell J_Ciell May 31, 2017
I'm seriously getting irritated here. If only I could break the forth wall and kill those who hurt my dear Tatsuya then I'll be satified going to jail
I FRICKING CALLED IT! I just KNEW thats something wasn't right, and I hate to say it, cause Tetsu will be hurt, but I WAS RIGHT!!
TrashPanda13 TrashPanda13 Jul 27, 2017
BLOODY HELL. Those little bastards. When I get my hands on them I'm going to tear them apart piece by piece for hurting my Kuroko. No one hurts him. No one. I will burn you alive for your sins
12Anime16 12Anime16 Mar 31
I knew it!!!!!!
                              You piece of yellow sh*t you too dark blue boy fu*k you both go to hell and die
The_Haji_Twins The_Haji_Twins Apr 17, 2017
*becomes something more terrifying then Akashi ... xINFINITY worse*
                              Daikon, expect being at deaths door ready for Saint on a silver platter, roasted alive for your sin, and cut by a reapers scythe into particules of nothing by the time I finish writing this.