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Why me? (Sasuke Love Story)

Why me? (Sasuke Love Story)

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Jackie By animelover123 Completed

Mariah Kira, she's known nothing but pain, loneliness, and betrayal her whole life. All of this has lead her to a path of isolation not letting anyone get near her again. She's very mean and cold but maybe some certain people can change all of that including a certain cold hearted ravenette.

Disclaimer: Based off the manga by Kishimoto Masashi I DO NOT OWN the characters OR THE PLOT!

sweete2000 sweete2000 Nov 08, 2016
I also don't mind it but I don't like if someone writes f.ex (name) is 12 years old and wasn't a ninja before. She learned a little about it in 2 days and now she can beat Kakashi. 
                              These are the stories I don't like ... it shouldn't be that unrealistic ...
ClarieRoss ClarieRoss Dec 29, 2016
sorry to disappoint you but you will get a lazy ass who is also pervert
I have never read a story where they used my real name🙂🙂🙂
HOW ABOUT I GRAB A umbrella in down your throat. Like that umbrella scene off of Another
It's not nice talk about ppl behind their back. SAY IT TO THEIR FACE
Purple_turtle5194 Purple_turtle5194 Nov 24, 2016
Powers are just dumb. There's no reason to have them, it's usually as a last resort when the author is out of ideas and needs more reads.