Mommy and daddy  (tamaki x Kyoya)

Mommy and daddy (tamaki x Kyoya)

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Tamaki and Kyoya are now seniors. Tamaki is in love with Kyoya but is sure Kyoya doesn't feel the same way. He is struggling to not feel for him but he can't stop. 

Btw I don't own ohshc. Obviously.

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Hikaoru= Hikaru x Kaoru 
                              -The author ships the twincest 😂😉✌❤
                              UR DADDY IS H*LLA NOSEY!!
                              TAMAKI MIND YO BUSINESS 
                              BEFORE YOU GET
                              BE AT 
                              TH E
                              FU CK
                              U P
- - Jul 09
Tamaki has own room* *falls asleep in Kyoto’s room* 
                               Kyoto: I can’t believe you made me waste my money on a room for you
That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard 
                              Like what the actual’s an idea how about you have an autumn theme and have it outside like some kind of grand feast
Thanksgiving is an American thing like what the hell Tamaki😂
At that moment, I turned full drag queen on their asses, mommy digging it decided to make a drag club.