Mommy and daddy  (tamaki x Kyoya)

Mommy and daddy (tamaki x Kyoya)

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Tamaki and Kyoya are now seniors. Tamaki is in love with Kyoya but is sure Kyoya doesn't feel the same way. He is struggling to not feel for him but he can't stop. 

Btw I don't own ohshc. Obviously.

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Why does this sound like Tamaki? It's great though.  You (the author) did an amazing job!
Savory_Abs_ Savory_Abs_ May 14
WhAt dO YoU THinK?!? If someone gets that I will give u cookies
You know the author is a twincest fan when Hikaru gets autocorrected to Hikaoru XD
The American way huh?..
                              Literally just get food! XD
                              DIZ IZ AMAZINGZ :OOOO
Wait....they think youre supposed to have your own rooms during sleepovers.....WHAT?