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StarryJanet By starryJanet Updated Jan 18, 2016

My name is Alyssa and I wonder:

Where am I?

I wake up and I am in the back of a car.

But it isn't my car.

I look around and see a driver who I have no idea who he is. He is wearing a black mask over his head and driving really fast.

I see the car's clock and it read: 1:37.

I look around more and see people laying and sleeping down. Blood is everywhere.

Suddenly, I feel dizzy. Very dizzy. My heart stops for a second and starts beating fast.

Oh no! No no no no!

I am kidnapped!


I have no idea how I ended up here.

The only thing I know is: 


I was in the park with my boyfriend, Justin. We were sitting on a bench laughing and giggling and talking.

I was showing him pictures on my phone and I saw that it was around 11:00 when we were there.

I also remember that we were making out alot. (Not important) But I think we both became tired and feel asleep.

(Flashback ends)

That's all I know.

Wait! My boyfriend!! Where is he??

I look around but he isn...

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