Our Oath (Coming This Summer!)

Our Oath (Coming This Summer!)

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trackrunner14 By trackrunner14 Updated Apr 16, 2013

He let go of one of my hands and tilted my chin back. “Let’s make a oath…”

“A oath?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, a oath,” he repeated. “You must promise to be strong for me while I am over there, you must promise me that you will never lose hope in us, and you must promise me that you will believe that every second of the day that I will be thinking about you and know that I am coming home to you when this is all over.” 

“I promise,” I replied. “You must promise me that you will write, and you must promise me that while you are over there, please be careful.”

He chuckled lightly. “I promise.”

This was the beginning of what Lilly and Lucas thought was going to be the rest of their lives. They thought they were going to get to wake up and spend every day together... but others had different plans. Lucas was scheduled to be deported over seas in one month. Making their oaths on their graduation day, they went out to have the best summer they could before he left. Only their oath was to keep them together while he was gone... can they keep their promises?

I pulled him close to me again, wrapping my arms around his waist while laying my head on his toned chest. ‘This was my oath to you Lucas… I only hope you come home to me.”