Choices & Chances (Xiumin X Reader)

Choices & Chances (Xiumin X Reader)

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Kpop lover By AlexAlodo Updated Feb 18, 2017

"No, not today." 
"Maybe some other time."

Today was suppose to be the day.

 After hearing your best friend talk about getting to meet EXO, you've finally decided to ask your parents to let you go to South Korea.

But all they gave you were the answers you've always hated. You weren't all too happy, you had just gotten your hopes up too high, to what? To just be let back down to -10 of wanting to see EXO?  Or more in particular, Xiumin?

Yoh, knew about your desires to see EXO. You would never stop talking about them to him on the bus or at home, so he did you a favor secretly without you knowing.

Will you go?
Lie to your parents, telling them you'll be at your friends house, when really you could be on a plane?
What consquences lie ahead?
What chances are in for you?

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