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My daughter (Nalu Fanfic)(Under EDITING)

My daughter (Nalu Fanfic)(Under EDITING)

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Ebbi By Ebbi16 Completed

Nastu is at Lucy's house again, he snuck in while she was in the shower. Then someone knocks on the door, Lucy starts to turn the shower off and then Natsu yells "I'll get it, Luce". Lucy already knew he was there, so she turned the shower back on. Natsu opens the door to see no one. "Kids and their bad jokes..." Then as he was about to close the door, Natsu heard a short little cry as Natsu looked down his eyes widened he saw a baby...

foreverBLUE1267 foreverBLUE1267 Mar 09, 2016
Omg ur starting point is so good unlike me am really bad at intro
misxxlove14 misxxlove14 Feb 04
It really  funny because in the Manga he dead at that age from a illness or
Is it bad that if I saw my friend with a baby I would ask them the same thing
WinterDragonslayer44 WinterDragonslayer44 Oct 18, 2015
Ohh they're already holding her!! I can't wait for more Nalu!! Update soon