The Slytherin Princess

The Slytherin Princess

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  {A Draco Malfoy and Cedric Diggory Fanfiction}
Hazel Rebecca Louisa Alexandra Victoria Rosewood, better known as Hazel, wasn't your typical girl. Born into a wealthy pureblood family who is capable of performing wandless magic and is the second most magical family in all of Britain.

She is the complete opposite of a shy, quiet girl, with a book. She is a fun girl who hates it when she is called beautiful and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Friends with Draco Malfoy, The Weasleys, and Viktor Krum from the start, her group of friends expand to the Golden Trio and farther.

This animagus witch learns the ways of life, dangerous, wonderful, and sorrowful it can be. Follow Hazel as she experiences her first steps into the Magical World, takes adventures with her friends, finds love with the most unlikely people, gets her heart broken, cries a million tears, watches her own children go into the Magical World themselves, and makes it back to the King Cross Station once more.

First and foremost, b4 I started reading this, I have to say something. My name is Hazel lmaooo THIS STORY IS ABOUT ME YAY
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grr. Elfs are for wizard and witches use. If I had an Elf then it would do everything for me.