The Slytherin Princess

The Slytherin Princess

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"You know Hazel. You are going to be a fine Slytherin Princess when we get older."
"I'm sorry? Princess?"

"That's what everyone was calling you because of your grades and spirit. Everyone knows you're amazing"

"I don't do princesses. I do Hazel because that's who I am. Hazel. Just Hazel." 


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TheIntrovertOutcast TheIntrovertOutcast Oct 03, 2017
*chokes on water* Voldemort?? MASCULINE? *bursts out laughing uncontrollably*
BatShitCrazy16 BatShitCrazy16 May 29, 2017
What does hazel look like all together, bc I can't remember her look, it's all scattered??
Suryanshi10 Suryanshi10 Jan 07
Choose Hogwarts, cause I doubt I would be able to be in beauboxtons, like being much polite and stuff . I am quite an troublemaker at my school . So ya .
ive either read this before or this is a copy... i've most likely read this before hahaha but i remember it being amazing
ColossalDisaster ColossalDisaster Sep 11, 2017
Wish it was Hadley! I don't know anyone named Hadley! My middle name is Hadley! But I don't know anyone named Hadley!
deadxcity deadxcity Oct 19, 2017
This kinda spoils the love interests. 
                              But by all means, do your thing.