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Playlist Love (A Caspar Lee Fanfiction)

Playlist Love (A Caspar Lee Fanfiction)

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Jazz By MockingjayCresta Completed

Summer Butler is an 18 year old British YouTuber and cousin to Marcus Butler. She then meets a certain blonde haired South African who makes her first ever YouTube convention to PlayList Live an unforgettable experience...  

"You don't have to be afraid." He whispered, his lips pressing softly to mine. "I'm here. And I'm never going to let you fall. Summer, no relationship is all sunshine, but we can share an umbrella and face the storm together."

Cheeky_hwell Cheeky_hwell Dec 06, 2016
Im just hear reading this while in my dark room listening to MCR...
                              just me? okay..
Guess what!...... I am changing the name to Wolfie in my mind so I'm not being called summer.
fataac fataac Jan 25
can anyone tell me how do we get to know that this book contains how many parts without clicking next parts?
suckmysalvatoe suckmysalvatoe 4 days ago
There are so many people thinking they're edgy listening to posey (heh tyler) rock wannabes who are just there for emos to pour their hearts out to lmao I'm cringing
Anhrs_ Anhrs_ Nov 02, 2016
ommgg I'll be making youtube videos next year after I finish my o levels 😂 I hope it will work out :')
suckmysalvatoe suckmysalvatoe 4 days ago
And stop hating on 1D they're actually very talented boys, just cause y'all tryna be edgy and make a name for yourselves *sips tea* 
                              Rant over lmao