I Love Him & He Loves Me but We're Enemies

I Love Him & He Loves Me but We're Enemies

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Kelsy By RenesmeeRcks Completed

[ EDITING ] Uhm so half the story is edited and half is a complete mess I'm sorry 

All her life Caitlin just wanted to be normal, but how can she think or act normal when creatures from Hell try to attack and kidnap her along with her being a major Demi-God and having uncontrollable abilities no one else has ever seen. Nico di Angleo them comes into her life, upon taking her to Camp Half Blood he realizes she's not allowed there. He teaches her how to use her abilities, because strangely they're just like his. As life starts to brighten up for her, their parents get in the middle of it Hades and Caitlin's Mom used to work together in Hell to keep everything together until she turned on him and now they're enemies. 

Thanks to @nobodyshero_x for the lovely cover :D

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dontforgetme dontforgetme Dec 03, 2010
dude OMG im like a nerd when it comes to the percy jackson and greek god stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 dude I LOVE U! :) and i like the story line (: but i forgot isnt nico in the lighting thief series as so grls lil bro?
ArmenianGirlsandBoys ArmenianGirlsandBoys Oct 15, 2010
@RenesmeeRcks   well you did an excellent job!!! you're awesome! =D  @PleaseAndThankYou   right??!! hes SUPER HOT!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
ArmenianGirlsandBoys ArmenianGirlsandBoys Oct 13, 2010
@RenesmeeRcks =D you kno what? i always pictured nico like your pic :)
ArmenianGirlsandBoys ArmenianGirlsandBoys Oct 12, 2010
I love percy jackson... Nico was -is- my fav character!!!!!
                              you go girl!! you know i love your stories! i have complete faith in you, no mattter what!