extreme [ personal ]

extreme [ personal ]

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Nope ;-;

Middle Name?
Ann (its so girly fuck me)

Shoe Size?
6 in men's (I'm a small bean)

Eye Color?

Last Time You Cried?
Last night lololol

Biggest Fear?
The dark or needles

Last Song You Heard?
Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood

Last Person You Texted?

Relationship Status?
Single 4 lyfe

Favorite Sports Team?
I don't really like sports

Favorite Color?

Best Friend?
Honestly don't even know who my friends are anymore

Favorite Celebrity?
Myself? jk

Kissed Anyone?

Someone You Hate?
I don't hate people tbh

Ever Done Drugs?
Noo unless medicine counts??

5'0 .-.

Are You Currently Happy?
Eh kinda

Do You Drink?
Hell no

Last Thing You Bought?
Ice cream and crayons

Last Thing You Ate?

Day Or Night?
I prefer night

Do You Give Second Chances?
Yeah, more than I should tbh

Random Fact About Yourself?
I can flip my tongue upside down c; 😂

Current Mood?
Bored af

Last Book You Read?
It was some gay book on here idk

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