Baby Boy

Baby Boy

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Vinny By littleboy- Updated Jan 09

Hi! -smiles big and giggles- I'm Vincent

Here's 7 facts about me with pwetty pictures ^-^

1~ I'm a wittle boy but my favorite nickname is princess

2~ I have an obsession with band aids -puts a blue bandaid over my nose-

3~ My favowite and least favowite punishment is spankings /.\ don't tell daddy

4~ I'm battling with depression and sometimes it makes me mean v.v

5~ I'm a gay wittle boy who wants a loving daddy /.\

6~ I loooove goldfish crackers -puffs my cheeks and makes grabby hands- Gimmie!

7~ My wittle space is the best place to be!

That's all for now! Bye bye!

mommys-pastel-prince mommys-pastel-prince Aug 31, 2016
I-I like that s-stuff too.. But M-My boyfriend doesn't S-So I can't do it I-In our relationship
@Xiumin001 heheh this izz how Daddy should take care of you, Baby Girl?