Castaway - (ereri)

Castaway - (ereri)

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愛 By JaegerBombasticBooty Updated May 26

An amazing school trip goes wrong when the plane crashes on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Eren and the other students and teachers of Shinganshina High must try to survive alone on an island for an unknown amount of time. 

Will they be able to survive? 

(contains: ereri, smut, death, gore, and anything else that may need a warning * Levi is a teacher, Eren is a student * )

And....and SASHA HAS POTATOES IN HER POCKETS! GET HER ASS! *everybody chases Sasha as she runs away eating*
So basically just kïll off Sasha and they'll all be fine 0-o
How in the asscrack of morning are you supossed them shits??!??;
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler 3 days ago
When I go on a really long trip i always bring a survival kit
                              Paranoid? Maybe
If i ever were to go on a plane i would carry this in my pocket
                              Beef jerky stick (yes)
                              MOTHERFUCKING POCKET KNIFE
konalps konalps Nov 15
Marco were the hell Marco this can be are chance to save him