Trust isn't made to be broken ✅

Trust isn't made to be broken ✅

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"Trust is like a Mirror. You can fix it and put it back together, but you can still see the crack in the reflection afterwards." 
~ Stefani Germanotta.

Robin shows up at the cave one day, bloody and injured. That's not the worst part though. His own Mentor is the one who put him in that condition. Is Batman really becoming abusive towards Robin? Or is there something else going on the shadows that they can't see?

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I already read this but it such a great book I had to come back and read it again
*Brings out bag of chips and feeds them to Wally of he does tricks*
I think it was "Wally, keep your voice down" because it sounded like he was being loud or yelling the sentence before.
echo1110 echo1110 Jun 23
*recovering from shock* "BATSY, YOU ARE SO DEAD!  I DON'T CARE IF IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT OR NOT, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE TODAY!!!", *grab out my sniper and aims at his head* 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
KatieCat106 KatieCat106 Aug 28
pfffffft me when I ask what's for dinner and my dad says edible food >w<
emicats emicats Sep 06
If I we're you..... I would run for the hills..... Or get Damian?