Trust isn't made to be broken ✅

Trust isn't made to be broken ✅

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"Trust is like a Mirror. You can fix it and put it back together, but you can still see the crack in the reflection afterwards." 
~ Stefani Germanotta.

Robin shows up at the cave one day, bloody and injured. That's not the worst part though. His own Mentor is the one who put him in that condition. Is Batman really becoming abusive towards Robin? Or is there something else going on the shadows that they can't see?

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Zurabilis Zurabilis Nov 17, 2017
You’re not you when you’re hungry 
                              Someone get Batman a snickers jfc
mysticunicorn543 mysticunicorn543 Jun 25, 2017
I already read this but it such a great book I had to come back and read it again
GoingCheetah55 GoingCheetah55 Nov 03, 2017
ReadByMoonlight247 ReadByMoonlight247 Oct 09, 2017
*summons army of the Undead* YOU'RE IN FOR IT NOW, BUSTER!!!
JinxedSanity JinxedSanity Dec 18, 2017
Most people:9:00am-5:00pm
                              Batman: 9:00pm-3:00am
                              This is why Batman is the best
Zurabilis Zurabilis Nov 17, 2017
Can barely think a circle
                              This dude over here trying to be a diameter