19 Years Younger (Mature Content) [Complete]

19 Years Younger (Mature Content) [Complete]

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I don't wanna be the left out pregnant sob story! I'm twenty three years old and can make up my own mind - Ella 

It's just that he's not just my boyfriend he's my best friend and like a brother to me - Jason

Don't you dare tell me what I am or am not! You have no idea who the hell I am, what the hell I've been through or what the hell in capable of! - Aurora 

From the day I was born, the only women I would ever truly love would be my mother and my sisters and that's it - Lance


The story of David and Alex's story has been told, now it's their children's hearts on the line.

Ella, Jason, Aurora and Lance. Their children. Their world. Unfortunately Alex and David can not protect their children from heartbreak. 

Will love blossom or will hearts shatter? They are only nineteen years younger...


(Mature content and some abusive scenes)

- 2nd book in the 18 years series

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