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Kenzie Gilbert: The Mute Twin (TVD)

Kenzie Gilbert: The Mute Twin (TVD)

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BeckySmolder By BeckySmolder Completed

Kenzie Gilbert hasn't spoken since her parents died in a car crash, three months ago. When school starts back up she is pleasantly surprised by the new kid, Stefan Salvatore. He's got wide, innocent eyes that resemble a grassy meadow under sunlight and a soft smile that makes her knees weak. What happens when she meets his older brother Damon? The man whose smirk sends shivers down her spine and his diamond blue eyes are like waves crashing at the shore, and they're pulling her under. Stefan has a heart of gold that makes others want to be a better person and he's a perfect gentleman like every prince in a fairytale, who could ask for more? Damon on the otherhand masks his emotions under flirting and sarcasm yet his image as the mysterious guy that screams danger is more than intriguing. Both brothers have her attention, but which one will make her crack her oath of silence?


"Do you have any siblings"
                              "None that I talk to"
                              Stefan did say he has a sibling though
Well you wonder why I always dress in black
                              Why I never wear bight colors on my back
                              And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone
                              Well there is a reason for the things that I have owned
Cutting is a really serious thing. I realized that after a little while but my friend never did and I think about her all the time. If y'all r depressed please talk to someone. I'm here if u REALLY need someone to talk to!
I'm so stupid, I was literally going to ask why she wasn't talking 😂
Awwwww bby i love you we love you don't forget that okay sweetheart  and that goes to every  one :)
xKol_Mikaelsonx xKol_Mikaelsonx Oct 13, 2015
Stefan & Kenzie! I'd prefer Elena & Damon together plus you barely get any Stefan fanfics so hopefully these two et together :)