A Sick Bird (Young Justice Fanfiction)

A Sick Bird (Young Justice Fanfiction)

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♡ Suga-Free ♡ By HomicidalLunatic Updated May 18

Robin is getting sick. His illness is thought to be a normal cold at first, until it escalates into something much more dangerous...
Now the team has to watch its youngest member fight for his life on a hospital bed. Will they be able to find a cure to stop the Boy Wonder's rapidly approaching death? Or will they lose their energetic bird forever?

Info: No pairings/Slash
Genre: Family, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Humor
Warning: Mild language.

#809 in fanfiction as of November 2016.

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AngelicaxSchuyler AngelicaxSchuyler Feb 16, 2016
no No NO NO! NOOOO! Forget Robin I want the chips back. I loved them they were my favorite character. *sobs*
daughterofthebat daughterofthebat Jun 02, 2016
That is every kid I know. I would be tempted to do the same things to my friends.
iamabookworm3 iamabookworm3 Jan 31, 2016
When sick 
                              Friend: ah I hope you feel better soon
                              Best friend: haha sucks to be you. Don't you pass anyone germs on to me!
Unicorns313 Unicorns313 Feb 24, 2016
I would would have leaned over Wally's lap. I just think it's comfy. No matter how wrong it would have looked. But that's just me.
MultiFangirl6 MultiFangirl6 May 31, 2016
Do you think all superheroes have sperate instagram accounts for civvies and super