Hello, December

Hello, December

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Bri By BrianaLynn Updated Aug 13, 2017

The Razor Rocks Pack is something of a nightmare. Stories of their doings are something parents tell their kids to keep them out of the woods.

To step across the border is a death sentence, carried out by the children of Alpha Razor. Some say they bathe in the blood of their enemies. Some say that the skulls of their victims litter the once grassy fields. 

They are emotionless.
Cold. Calculating. Ready for blood. 

She won't hesitate to snap your neck, spill your blood and use your bones for decoration.

Enter, her mate.

Can her mate change the way she see's the world?

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hauntedtower hauntedtower Nov 22, 2011
@BrianaLynn oh ok. And of. I think u should try her twins pov or her dads, as well as her own
hauntedtower hauntedtower Nov 22, 2011
Eeeeee yay. SUPER CUTE. SOOOOOOOO SWEET. CANNOT,WAIT TILL U UPDATE AGAIN. btw wat show is this based off of?
hauntedtower hauntedtower Sep 30, 2011
Wat show is this based after?
                              How often do u update, I really want to no wat her dads going to show her