My Dilemma (Disney's Descendants Jay love story)

My Dilemma (Disney's Descendants Jay love story)

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Mackinzey By Mackinzey Updated May 26, 2016

Once upon a time Long, long ago, actually twenty years ago Belle married her Beast in front of 6,000 of their closes friends. Instead of a honeymoon Beast united all the kingdoms and got himself elected King of The United States of Auradon. He rounded up all the villains, Sidekicks, and basically all the interesting people and booted them off to the Isle of the Lost with a magical barrier to keep them there. This is the villains hood, No Magic, No wifi, no way out Or so everyone thought.

Jazlyn lives in the United States of Auradon and goes to school at Auradon Prep. Her parents are Aladdin and Jasmine. She loves to dance and sing, Jazlyn also known as Jazzi is also a cheerleader at Auradon Prep. Jazlyn thought their life would be normal with no more villains until Ben made a proclamation to let villains kids live here. Only four but one including Jafar's son. What happens when Jay is intrigued by her? What happens when Mal finds out? Will Mal use it to get to the wand? Or after Jay finds out who she is, Will he use her to be like his father? What will Jasmine and Aladdin say if Jazlyn and Jay start hanging out? 

*I do not own the Descendants or whatever I will use from the Descendants in this story. I only own Jazlyn and whoever else I make up along the way.*

(Selena Gomez Plays Jazlyn)

IIIblackjackIII IIIblackjackIII Oct 08, 2017
Maybe Chad gave her a love potion because he was so desperate and then she meets and can't help but fall in love with him so the spell breaks because of a true loves kiss
WolfnTigerGirl WolfnTigerGirl Jul 01, 2017
Wanna know a coincidence... my name irl is Jazmyn, it just sounds so close
WolfnTigerGirl WolfnTigerGirl Jul 01, 2017
Me* blonde ankle length hair with icy blue eyes is how im imagining her
WolfnTigerGirl WolfnTigerGirl Jul 01, 2017
Oh no.. goid thing its at the moment.. JAY HELP THIS GIRL!! SAVE YOUR ENEMY CRUSH!!
FoxGamer9 FoxGamer9 Jul 24, 2017
OH HECK NAW (I actually like the change(what will happen at the part where Audrey and Chad get together)
EchoBreckenridge EchoBreckenridge Dec 28, 2017
If Aladdin isn't all "a diamond in the rough can be found... "  I'm gonna be a little disappointed mate