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His Spring Revelation

His Spring Revelation

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Nicole By scripturecoal Completed

A knowing look passed by in his azure irises, paired with something that resembled - dare she say - lust or adoration. He then shook his head in loving impatience, scoffing. "I can never win with you," he muttered.

She wanted to pursue. She wanted to ask him. But she didn't. She had wanted to ask for a long time, but she never could. She never really knew why. This time included, as she just ignored what she just witnessed and shrugged.

"Yeah, well, I'm a hard person to reject."

He made sure their gazes met as he said, "I know."


Luke Jordan had everything he could have ever wanted. Cars, houses, a company he built with his own sweat and blood, friends, women, you name it. If there was anything that he didn't have, he could easily buy it with the money he had more than he needed. But the one thing he wanted, he couldn't have.

Had Katie Boyd been any other woman, he would have taken her to bed right from the beginning and give her the best night of her life. But life loved playing games with him and Katie Boyd wasn't just any other woman. She was his best friend's younger sister and eleven years younger than him. 

Work was enough distraction for five years, all of them spent wanting her but not having her. He had resigned to this unrequited love that would never quit until his best friend made a decision to go on a holiday and leave his sister under Luke's care. 

Will Luke be able to keep himself away from Katie? Or will sparks fly and cook up something that he never anticipated to happen between them?

LeahIsRadd LeahIsRadd Jun 08, 2016
And all of a sudden, he dropped dead, a strike of lightning maneuvered itself through the establishment, and zapped the misogynoir right out of him.
QueenN27 QueenN27 Apr 16, 2016
I smell something burning.Luke, son, think it's your pants...
LeahIsRadd LeahIsRadd Jun 08, 2016
Welp that's going to be awkward to explain in about 4 chapters
oniamac oniamac Nov 13, 2016
Oh Wait conservative + 5 marriages .. that really doesn't compute. Oh well. He still needs to shut his pie hole. :)
ellaella17 ellaella17 Oct 25, 2015
I cant help but think about the time that passed in this book and what happened in HWBA in that weeek too!!! Im obsessed it ain't healthy. Haha
- - Oct 25, 2015
Ok I don't mean anything rude by this comment but I like this spring revelation way better than 'his wild blue air'. It's having a really sweet beginning.