I am His Majesty's WHAT ??!

I am His Majesty's WHAT ??!

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The Mirror With Secrets. By TheMirrorWithSecrets Updated Aug 06, 2012

One day as Aria is cleaning up at the Castle, she finds a guy in a funny costume looking at her. Mistaking him for an impostor, she shoves the mop on his face, & kicks him out of the Castle & on the front steps!
What she fails to notice in that dizzy were the hordes of Press and Photographers frantically clicking the now-blackened-with-dirt boy's face, a certain Her Majesty and His Highness' incredulous stares, and giggles of a young Gem, and a reporter asking her - 'So how does it feel to kick out the the most eligible bachelor in the world, the Irish Prince Adrian from the Castle, Miss?'

Did he just say, Irish Prince? 

What the Heck!!

(The initial chapters are longer, and somewhat slow-paced. But if you can wait awhile, the fun starts soon! ;) )

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veiledsecrets veiledsecrets Jul 21, 2013
@TheMirrorWithSecrets Hehe sorry for the real late ass reply (I know I should shoot myself for this) /:) shortforms as in there's some "UR" or "U" instead of the loooooonnnng words like "your" and "you". Just wanted to point that out, but overall it's really nice and funny, continue writing kay? ^^
rainblu13 rainblu13 Nov 16, 2012
@TheMirrorWithSecrets that's my name... i just log using Facebook i didn't mind changing it
TheMirrorWithSecrets TheMirrorWithSecrets Nov 14, 2012
@ChristalGo I don't like your Username either, but I appreciate you taking time and going through my story.
TheMirrorWithSecrets TheMirrorWithSecrets Oct 22, 2011
@XxWynterWolfxX Sorry for being thick bou my own story, but what short forms? :P
                              And glad that U liked it. :)
veiledsecrets veiledsecrets Oct 22, 2011
Nice!! I just read it, and it's nice!! But you might want to change all the shortforms though. 
goldfish4eva goldfish4eva Sep 19, 2011
Kwl chappie!!!!!!!!!! could u just maybe read through the chappie and change all the U's into you's. sorry spelling freak! :)