When Summer Lost The Sun  [✓]

When Summer Lost The Sun [✓]

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Queen Bumblebee By captainthorne Completed

The secret was in their smiles.
It was always the boys that raised a corner of their lips first, their eyes raking her body, knowing that she was doing the same to them. They promised to love her for an hour, a night. It didn't matter if they didn't, she felt loved nonetheless.
'Come hither', they said without words, but, now, it was her time to run away.

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tacoglitter tacoglitter Jun 26, 2017
I only understood the first four things and I'm in French two what is happening to me
mispaint mispaint Mar 20, 2017
I'm finally here hello 
                              I  don't know why it took me a year?
AnneeSparrow AnneeSparrow Apr 30, 2017
Oh my goodness, I actually understood half of this! Looks like moi hasn't forgotten all her French from high school :')
INERTIA__ INERTIA__ Apr 18, 2016
I had to lengthen my patience to translate that quote. And it made me want to read Summer's story. Like wow.
anais596 anais596 Dec 04, 2016
" I love you. Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever. If i lived thousand years, I will be yours for everyone. If I lived thousand years, I will make you mine in all of them. "
                              Sorry, if it's wrong, I'm french, I tried
nohalohere nohalohere Feb 18, 2017
that series was a ride! brings back sad and wonderful memories.