Red Death Wave: The UK Under Attack

Red Death Wave: The UK Under Attack

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The 5th Wave Movie By 5thWaveMovie Completed

It's been more than seven weeks since the blood plague - the 3rd Wave of a brutal extraterrestrial attack - started sweeping across the world. Orphaned in the first two attacks, sixteen-year-old Maddy's only priority is protecting her little sister, Lola. 

With the deadly plague continuing to spread, and gangs taking advantage of society's collapse, Maddy and Lola head off for Gunwharf Quays, chasing the rumour of a refugee camp.

But upon their arrival, Maddy realizes that the rumors are false. Plague and destruction have seized the quays, turning a once-thriving city into a mass graveyard. The future is bleak but Maddy refuses to give into despair.

And then Lola contracts the plague...

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- - Jun 25, 2016
You have amazing detail :) 
                              The way you described the woman and the children felt so real, don't stop writing! Maybe you could read some of my stories?
crownoflucan crownoflucan Jan 18, 2016
You have pure talent, and I respect you thoroughly for that.  Please, don't squander that gift, I wish I was good as you
anac_251 anac_251 Oct 30, 2015
I just finished the fifth wave and happened to come across this I'm planning on reading it
genk01 genk01 Oct 20, 2015
I must say, I am definitely captivated by the imagery and the story. The scenes flow nicely and effortlessly. I love the word choices you use for describing everything. Very solidly written. I'm anxious to continue reading. :)
Leila_Adams Leila_Adams Oct 16, 2015
I love apocalyptic stories. This looks like something I'll really enjoy. Congrats on being selected to write this. :)
LizOlhosDeLince LizOlhosDeLince Oct 15, 2015
Can not wait to watch the movie next year! And surprised me even more!