The Mafia's Cupcake

The Mafia's Cupcake

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Blue Violet By NoonaSwan Updated Sep 11

Clare is 250 pounds of pure inner beauty . Her life was pretty much how any teenager's life would be until her 16 birthday when her father showed up . That was the biggest twist in her life or so she thought . Briefly before the arrival he announced that Clare was to be married...into the Mafia . Cole was to be her husband and she his bride . 

Cole , the boy who has never loved or will ever loved . His life always filled with misery and all he had was an empty house and a picture frame of strangers smiling in the photo with him .  

They weren't going to be each other's first choice but with a second look , they were endgame . This book is to be filled with passion, drama , and lil comedy . 

I'm trying not to make this your regular teenage shit . I want to put emotions but warned . It still may be crap . 

< " Your Disgusting , Don't Think You Have A Chance With 
Him " 

Clare Is A 250 Pound Of Inner Beauty Who Doesn't Have It When It Comes To Taking Care Of Her Appearance . She Has A Beautiful Family Who Love Her Very Much . Her Mother & 2 Older Brothers , Turning 16 Clare's Father Showed Up At Her Door Step Surprising Her That He Is A Mafia Leader But The Bigger Surprise Was She Had An Arrange Marriage With Someone She Never Met . 

Cole Is Cold Hearted Bad Boy , Lost His Mother At Age 9 And His Dad With His Mistress .  Always Hangs Around The Kids That Did Bad Stuff , Minded His Business.  In Love And Broken He Completely Put His Walls Up Until He Met His Bride To Be Clare. > 

( i'll try my best not to make a crap and eyeball rolling moments ) 

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NoonaSwan NoonaSwan Apr 23, 2016
Sorry i didn't think anyone was gonna read it lol but i already have a chapter ill publish it soon like today