Abused (a Harry Potter fanfic)

Abused (a Harry Potter fanfic)

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Gay and genderfluid By GayGenderfluid Updated Jan 25

Harry Potter is abused by his so-called family, which are the Dursleys. He was so hurt until he was brainwashed. Oh no. 

Sets place at 2nd year, and Harry and Ron didn't miss the train.

(If you possess half a brain, which I know that you would have both possession of your brains, I don't own Harry Potter, it belongs to J. K. Rowling. And also this would be different than the books or the movies, but it's a fanfic, I can do whatever I want with it.)

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Curse words 

I love freak more than harry... I feel guilty I'll just go bang my head aginst a wall
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Oct 25, 2016
..... You know I was planning on saying 'mum' was gonna give them an eArfuLL but you know stuff happens
BobbyAmy BobbyAmy Sep 09, 2016
                              Did Lockhart actually just cast a spell correctly?
He sounds like a house elf😂😂😂 I shouldn't be laughing. I am an awful person
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Oct 25, 2016
*sees drunk-* ...... ._. ....................... U better not have a snake in ur pants mr verncorncist  I will fight u
MishaMoon5 MishaMoon5 Dec 12, 2016
Soooooo....... does anyone see the resemblance to him and Dobby?